The Funny Side of Seafood

People love seafood. Some of us can’t get enough of it. But do you remember the Walt Disney classic, The Little Mermaid? In that animated tale, what is a delight to us is a horror story to those who live “Under the Sea!”

Sebastian the Crab sings of “who’s gon’ be on the plate” when the human who keeps fish gets hungry. The fish you keep in a bowl or an aquarium, however, are not liable to be the type you serve for dinner. But consider what Sebastian goes through later in the royal kitchen. The song “Les Poissons” illustrates this in a way that’s humorous for us, but nightmarish for him!

The Reality of Seafood

A question that’s often overlooked-for instance, when King Triton condemns humans as fish-eating monsters-is what the ocean creatures themselves eat. “Big fish eat little fish” isn’t just a metaphor, it’s a fact of life.

In reality, a seafood merchandiser isn’t a ghoul who terrorizes the denizens of the deep. He simply brings delicious things to people’s tables.

What Seafood Lovers Love Best

Do you know what are the most popular seafood items? The list includesÂ…

1.    Shrimp

2.    Canned Tuna

3.    Salmon

4.    Tilapia

5.    Alaskan Pollock

6.    Catfish

7.    Crab

8.    Cod

9.    Pangasius

10.   Clams

seafood merchandiser

(Pangasius, if you didn’t know, is a species of large shark catfish living in fresh water in south and southeast Asia. There, live and learn.)

The most popular ways to prepare seafood are grilling, baking, poaching, and shallow frying. The chef in The Little Mermaid gets a little more creative with it, doing things to his entrees that make poor Sebastian queasy and fit to faint before leading the chef on a merry chase through the kitchen. You’ll have a much better time with the offerings available at your supermarket, fish market, or restaurant. The thought of it is making you hungry right now, isn’t it?